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The current average price of $2.39 is the lowest in Georgia since April 24; 4 cents lower than a week ago, 20 cents less than a month ago, and 94 cents cheaper than a year ago. Gas prices have fallen
The Iran nuclear deal is a bad deal, according to 11th District Congressman Tom Graves. However, it appears as though there is little that can be done to stop it.
Floyd County police officers chased Paul Lynn Barton on Rockmart Highway and Wax Road.
Police said Arthur Lewis Borders had drugs, moonshine and weapons when he was arrested earlier this year.
Prices could be near $2 a gallon later this year.
Individual Income Tax collections for July totaled approximately $838.5 million, up from $769.5 million in July 2014, for an increase of $69 million, or 9 percent.
Triple A officials say gas prices could be at $2 a gallon by fall.
Prices can drop another 15 cents in August
On Wednesday, authorities in Polk County rounded up 22 suspects on drug-related offenses, mostly related to possession of methamphetamine.
It is not quite on par with Black Friday, but stores and malls will be busy this weekend as shoppers look for back to school bargains during the Tax Free Holiday.
Several key players involved in illegal drug activity in Polk County were placed behind bars Wedensday, according to local law enforcement officials.
Friday and Saturday are the days when you can buy certain items tax-free in Georgia.
Expansion of Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) sites will make Georgia safer and help youth.
School begins for Rome students on Friday. Floyd County students return to school next Wednesday.
Triple A says gas prices are at the lowest level in three months.